Hi, I'm Eli

No, we're not riding in an elevator together but here's my elevator speech.
(Full transparency: I don't always wear glasses and I almost never write while sitting like this.)

Eli is a digital experience manager in Kansas City

Longer version: That means I do copywriting, content strategy, and SEO while having access to really amazing barbecue.

So, there are a lot of places you can end up on the Internet, so I can say with all honesty that I’m downright flattered you’ve ended up on my website. 

I also know you’re busy, so let’s make this quick. My name is Eli and I work with brands, small and large, to help define their content strategy, write that content, and help it be found by their target audience.

If you need help crafting a message and delivering it, it’d be lovely to hear from you.

Eli is an excellent writer and communicator. He’s responsible and hard-working. From start to finish, he was a pleasure to work with on any project.

Kara Cowie, Vice President of Communications, SkillPath